The World’s First Fully-Customizable, Interactive Jingle Service

Get What You Need

TM Evo is available in Two Tiers of service. From a fully-produced 17-cut Jingle Package to a complete Branding Partnership with TM Evo’s Concierge Service, we’ve made TM Evo for everyone. For any need, at any budget, pick the Tier that’s right for you.

Lots of Choices

The power to choose a unique sound for your station is in your hands. With TM Evo, you pick your vocal sound, your logo melody, your level of effects…all to make your branding custom-made for your audience.

All New Sounds

The “Dallas Sound” has evolved to “World Sound,” as TM Studios now employs the best composers, producers and talent from around the globe to bring you fresh, modern and premiere jingles and branding elements unlike anything you’ve heard.

Simple Delivery

With TM Evo’s new cloud-based delivery, your content is secure, well organized and available at your fingertips. Login and grab what you need, when you need it.